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[collection name]: Guangxu Yuanbao of Hubu


[collection type]: Coins


[introduction to the collection]: the Chinese civilization has a long history and many nationalities for 5000 years, and the development of currency is a long process and complicated evolution. From the Qin and Han Dynasties to the Republic of China, the coins left over from various times contain a large amount of holographic history of politics, economy, culture and art, which is a grand view. Moreover, the ancient Chinese coins have been circulating for a long time, the number is rare, the shape is complex, the types are many, and the essence of art. They are unique in the world monetary history and can be called the first wealth of China for thousands of years. Guangxu Yuanbao is one of the currencies in circulation during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. It is also the first large denomination currency in circulation during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. It is the first batch of printing and distributing currency to introduce overseas technology in China, which also contains a certain historical significance for today“ Guangxu Yuanbao was cast by 19 provincial bureaus at that time. Except for the central household department, the provincial names are engraved on the upper edge of the copper coins cast by local provinces, among which the Guangxu Yuanbao cast by household department is the most rare.


 图文中的这枚铜币为光绪元宝户部造当制钱二十文。此钱币辗转百年历史流存至今,币面上有轻微磨损,但不影响其整体美感!钱币正面珠圈内铸“光绪元宝”四字直读;珠圈外环上为满文及户部,左右两侧各有两朵五星小花饰之,下环“当制钱二十文”,字体工整秀丽,端庄大方,有着较高的书法艺术价值。钱币背面中央铸龙图,龙纹极其壮丽美观,线条粗细有致,深浅分明,铸造工艺高超,神龙纹饰活灵活现,栩栩如生。钱币背面外缘上方书“HU POO”。藏品设计独特,构思巧妙,纹饰丰富,图案考究,布局合理,工艺精美,独具匠心。钱币表面的包浆自然醇厚、历史留下的痕迹清晰可见,历史过渡性自然,历史价值深厚,意义深远,极具艺术观赏价值和历史收藏价值,即便是对光绪元宝没有研究的外行也是爱不释手,十分精美。

The copper coin in the picture and text was made by the Guangxu Yuanbao Hubu to make twenty Wen. This coin has a history of over a hundred years. There is slight wear on the coin surface, but it does not affect its overall beauty! The word "Guangxu Yuanbao" is cast in the bead circle on the front of the coin; On the outer ring of the bead circle are Manchu and Hubu, decorated with two five-star flowers on the left and right sides respectively, and the lower ring is "when making money 20 Wen". The font is neat and beautiful, dignified and generous, which has high calligraphy artistic value. The dragon pattern in the center of the back of the coin is very magnificent and beautiful. The lines are thick and thin, the depth is clear, the casting technology is superb, and the dragon pattern is vivid and lifelike. Hu poo is written above the outer edge of the reverse. The collection has unique design, ingenious conception, rich patterns, exquisite patterns, reasonable layout, exquisite workmanship and originality. The pulp on the surface of the coin is natural and mellow, and the traces left by history are clearly visible. The history is transitional and natural, with profound historical value and far-reaching significance. It is of great artistic appreciation value and historical collection value. Even laymen who have not studied Guangxu Yuanbao can't put it down and are very beautiful.




It is worth mentioning that "Guangxu Yuanbao" is the earliest mechanism coin in China and one of the top ten reputation products in modern China. It is commonly known as "Longyang", which is named because the back of the coin is generally cast with dragon pattern. It has important practical and historical significance. Coupled with the continuous wars in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, some precious Guangxu Yuanbao coins have been rare and have high collection value. Many collectors flocked to it and scrambled to start the price. Guangxu Yuanbao was issued in 1887 and ended in 1912. It was only 25 years, but it witnessed the end of the feudal system in China for more than 2000 years. The small coins truly reflected the social and cultural environment at that time.



Recently, the company has the honor to collect this household made Guangxu Yuanbao, which is in good condition, has accumulated years, and has obvious traces of inheritance, and has high collection value. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of coin collection, coin trading is very active, and high-quality products are produced one after another in various plates! In the antique market, the collection and investment of ancient coins is attracting the majority of investment lovers with its unique charm. The transaction price of rare coins in various places has increased steadily, especially the sudden rise of coins in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China. The news that the auction price of rare ancient coins has reached new highs often comes out at the auction, attracting more and more people to participate in the collection and investment of ancient coins.